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FarmTasker Platform Features

FarmTasker platform runs on a robust microservice driven architecture that can scale autonomously to support requests from users and devices.

Key Features
  • Simple and easy visualisation of the tank level, trend of the data and sensor operational condition.

  • Drill down with different aggregation methodologies using our Dashboard and Graph tools.

  • Send commands to FarmTasker devices and control sampling rates without the need for physically accessing the device.

  • Set alerts/alarms to be notified via SMS or email whenever they are triggered

  • Add new parameters based on your own formulas at any time.

  • Use Restful API to feed data to any platform of your choice

  • Add any third party device to take advantage of FarmTasker visualisation features


FarmTasker platform presents data in a way that not only keeps you informed about the status of your resources at any time.

Screenshot 2022-11-30 164818.png
Screenshot 2022-11-30 165445.png

Control Device Operation from Cloud

You can change the frequency at which your device sends data to cloud from the platform without physically being near the device


Configure and receive alerts via SMS or Email when your resources reach a critical state.

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