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By 2050 world population will reach to 10billion, which means more demand for food.  

To meet this demand, and other challenges, like a change of taste, climate change, and soil erosion, we either need more land and water to produce more or need up to a 70% increase in efficiency.


This is significant and there is no choice rather than to take advantage of emerging technologies to reduce water usage, increase the yield and enhance producibility and predictability. But the challenge is, there are very limited reliable options in the market, farmers can trust and use.

Cost of ownership, the complexity of implementation, poor connectivity, lack of integratability, and scalability, are the main reasons to stop farmers to rely on the internet of things and benefit from it.



We believe technology is mature enough to solve global challenges in this industry if technologists understand the demand and address the complexities in the field. 

Acting as a technology leader in this field, we are aiming to offer low-cost, reliable, and end-to-end monitoring solutions to the farmers, and close the loop of tasks with zero involvement of the farmer under the concept of "system of systems". It is extremely complex, hard to design, and implement, but our countless success stories in the past encourage us to make it happen and make the 70% reduction in monitoring cost a reality.

Join us to be a part of this big change... 

As a responsive technology enterprise, we are aiming to meet the below targets in our long term run and be a part of the solution for a better future for our kids:

FarmTasker water saving.png

300+ billion litre of liquids

Manage 300+ billion liters of water and fuel and prevent 3+ billion litres of water leakage in water supply systems buy implementing solutions across the farms

FarmTasker Time management.png

Save 0.5 billion hours

Save 0.5 billion hours’ time for our clients by automating the monitoring process for them and eliminate unnecessary involvement in routine tasks.

FarmTasker aim to zero emission.png

Reduce 8+ million tons CO2

Reduce 8+ million tons of CO2 emission by optimizing monitoring processes and eliminating unnecessary drives to check assets across the farm. 

FarmTasker cost reduction.png

save more than $30B

Save more than $30B, by increasing productivity, minimising the use of resources, and energy consumption, and mainly minimizing insurance and incidental costs.   

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